Mens Ring With Snakes and Boulder Fire Opal “Shamania”


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A Serpent Ring Ring for Your Shamanic Soulmate

This mens Opal ring is a gorgeous gift for the person you love because it is full of powerful pagan symbols.  In this blue stone ring, a shaman is depicted playing a flute to sacred plants. The leaves of another sacred plant – sage – are inside of this spiritual anniversary ring. The ring "Shamania" is topped with serpents that symbolize wisdom, guiding the wearer on their journey. This sterling silver ring symbolizes the unity of dark and light, the union of opposites. When we don't see everything in terms of black and white, the sun and moon can shine at the same time. This masculine ring is quite wide and pleasantly heavy, making it a real favorite.

Details of the Men's ring with Snakes and Boulder Opal "Shamania"

  • Sterling Silver

  • Oxidized finishing

  • Natural Boulder Fire Opal Triplet

  • Opal Size is  8mm x10 mm

This Boulder Fire Opal ring will be custom made in your size. Please allow around 15 business days for producing this ring from the date of your order. Due to the handmade work and natural origin of the stones, each piece is unique and may slightly vary.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Across the length and breadth of the world, many cultures refer to the snake as the originator of life, this is because it is perceived to be the source of all primal energy from where other things are derived.

The snake represents transformation, healing and spiritual guidance which all result from the primal energy it carries, and carrying around the snake totem is guaranteed to put you in line to receive all these from the snake spirit animal.

The shedding of skin by the snake is also a powerful pointer to our need to shed off or let go of certain relationships, histories and experiences that may be toxic to our growth.

At BlackTree collection, the “Cosmosnake” sterling silver ring is one of our favorite jewelry pieces carrying the snake totem. Masculine "Nag" snake bracelet is another extra powerful piece for men.


Customer Reviews

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Mathieu (Lausanne, CH)
Beautiful ring!

This ring is gorgeous, I really love it! The details are perfect. My only regret is that the opal is a triplet and not an entirely "natural" stone (but you can ask to have an other stone on your ring if you want). Otherwise, it's perfect.

I have bought from this seller before, and...

I have bought from this seller before, and the quality and attention to detail is amazing!

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