Sea-themed ring “Oceania” with large aquamarine


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Ocean's Embrace: Aquamarine Ring for Enchanting Souls

Begin an enchanting odyssey into the depths of elegance with our sea-inspired ring, graced by a magnificent aquamarine at its heart. This sterling silver masterpiece, lovingly handcrafted, pays homage to the captivating world beneath the waves, adorned with intricate depictions of fish, seahorses, and other marine wonders.

Within this aquatic masterpiece, you'll uncover petite yet astonishingly rare treasures: rubies, the exquisite rarity of paraiba tourmaline, and the brilliance of diamonds. It's a statement ring that elegantly captures the essence of the ocean's allure and enigma.
Our aquamarine ring is designed for those who carry the ocean within their souls, for those who feel their spirits intertwined with the ebb and flow of the sea. "Oceania" the blue stone ring, transcends the realm of mere jewelry; it's a symbol of the sea's timeless enchantment and your unwavering affection for its deep, captivating blue.

Details of Statement Aquamarine Ring "Oceania"

  • Fine Sterling Silver

  • Oxidized finishing

  • Gemstones:

             - Large aquamarine, size 31mm*13mm, 23ct

             - 3 x Paraiba tourmalines, size 1.3-1.6mm (very rare)

             - 1 x Diamond, size 1.5mm

             - 11 x Rubies, size 1.8-2mm

             - 1 x emerald, size 1.3mm


This ring will be custom made in your size. Please allow around 15-21 business days for producing this ring from the date of your order. Due to the handmade work and natural origin of the stones, each piece is unique and may slightly vary.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.


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