Peach moonstone has long been known as an emotional healer and is believed to promote hormonal balance and strengthen the immune system.

This derivative of the popular moonstone carries the full energy of the moon and is a very potent gemstone that is revered for its ability to calm the most troubled of minds throughout the day.

Peach moonstone is also very effective at getting its wearer close to the essence of Mother Nature, as well as strengthening the inner intuition of the sixth sense and promoting love and fertility in newlyweds.

At BlackTree Lab, some of our most exquisite designs, “Moon Garden” – a Sterling Silver Peach Moonstone ring with yellow sapphires and “Sue” – a Peach Moonstone Engagement ring both combine the healing powers of the peach moonstone with the quality hand crafting of silver metal to deliver some amazing jewelry pieces. 


Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.